Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Introduction of Mo

2014 has been a struggle with illness (both mine and my bff's) and my career. I have come to a fork in the road, as they say, and I am learning that change is not so bad...that it actually can be GREAT; and lead you down a path that will bring contentment and maybe even happiness. 

Fear of the unknown left me stuck and ultimately miserable. As 2014 rang in I was miserable, depressed, alone, and in bed wondering is this my life? I was almost 33 years-old and my life was not where or what I expected it to be. Most of my friends now live scattered around the great 48 and are married, having kids with stable careers; exactly where I thought I'd be by now.

The problem was I was listening to and following these expectations I was told since I was in high school; the plan was graduate, go to college, get married, work, and have a family....the "American Dream." Unfortunately these expectations/plan that was drilled into my head placed rose colored glasses over my eyes. And so as the clock stuck midnight and 2014 began, all I knew for certain was I was completely unhappy. I mean lets face it, I was in bed before midnight on New Year's Eve, unhappy with my job, my house, my social life, and to top it all off I was sick. 

Sick and wouldn't take time off work because I was worried of what would happen in my absence. The possible repercussions I could face after missing just a single day kept me ignoring my bodies warnings. 

Fast forward three weeks and I am put on an immediate and indefinite medical leave. Then my life began to slowly snowball that has left me where I am today. Slowly trying to gain my life, happiness, and everything that has been lacking over the last decade. It's not easy and I am not content, but I am getting there. While I am slowly rediscovering who I am (because I don't really know anymore) and what I want out of my life.  My new mantra is be out living; try new things, go to new places, see what's around you and enjoy it. Thus the premise of my blog. 

I will write about be about family, careers, friends, enemies, co-workers, places in my community, experiences I have on any given day, subscription boxes I am trying, projects I have going on around my house, possible new relationships, health, decisions and dilemma. 
As I write this, I feel I will be writing this just for me. I don't know if it will generate any followers, but what I know right now is I have many of ideas, things I want to try, major life decisions; so many things that make me scared, nervous, excited, depressed but I am picking myself up off the floor (well my big cozy bed) and am starting over. This is my story of starting over and the things I decide to do on my way to the finish line!